Mustang SLA and Spindle Kit

MSG Custom Modular Construction Spindle for Ford SN-95 sealed bearing 5 X 4.5” hub

Features a billet steel upright with a steel spindle snout and bolt-on billet aluminum or
steel (adjustable) steering arm, upper ball joint eye, and caliper bracket. Designed to eliminate flex. Also available with large 2” spindle pins for 5 X 5” floater style aluminum hubs.

  • 1.75 inch spindle drop
  • The bolt-on caliper bracket is designed for Wilwood calipers and can be adjusted from
    11 3/4" to 14” diameter rotors
  • Five (5) degree kingpin inclination angle
  • Less kingpin inclination angle allows less caster settings, which reduces the jacking effect from excess caster
  • Spindle is compatible with Chrysler ball joints (upper and lower) and Steeda X2 lowers
Price: $1,914.55/pair

MSG Front SLA Kit for Fox and SN-95 Mustangs

Includes delrin bushing tubular steel lower control arms, needle bearing tubular steel flex free upper control arms with screw in ball joint, upper shock and control arm frame mount. Improved ackerman, bump steer, and anti-brake dive. 

Price: $5,117.91 for spindle with kit (upper and lower control arms).  

Options Available 

  • Optional Hypercoil spring packages available
  • Optional Wilwood brake and rotor packages available in rotor sizes
    11 3/4"to 14", four- or six-piston calipers
  • Optional bracket for factory ABS sensor available
  • MCS DA shocks pair with custom valving - $2,364.33
  • Other options available - call for details


Call or email to order or for additional details.