About Us.

We Deliver Performance!

Rob and Robert at the 2015 CAM Challenge

A Shared Passion

Mod Squad Garage, LLC is what happens when two completely different car guys (who happen to be best friends) share their passion for building cars in the protouring and sports car world. Mod Squad provides consulting, design, fabrication, and implementation to custom specifications. Mod Squad can work on your car or a vision from scratch. Our attention to every detail and extensive experience ensures a quality build. MSG does not just bolt on performance parts -- we design and fabricate to the intended purpose, from start to finish. MSG delivers performance!

A Powerful Partnership

Robert LewisRobert Lewis is the team's visionary. A talented fabricator -- fearless and innovative. He's out for the win!

RobRob Ippolito is the detail guy. He is focused on finding that elusive balance between maximum performance and reliability. His goal is quality.

Together, these two automaniacs are ready to build your dream.